Pizza Review
One bite everyone knows the rules If you're from Long Island and even want to consider yourself at best AA in the pizza game you need to review Umberto's. This place is a fucking long island institution with ppl screaming from rafters about how this is the best square pizza in town.... Well I'm the fucking pro so I'm going to be the judge of that. We all know the rules the score is based on the round pie. It's the Batman of the pizza universe. If you can't love Batman you have no business in the game. Looking at this slice initially I wasn't impressed. It looked like the type of slice where they try and get fancy on me and put a bunch of bullshit in the sauce to satisfy the chefs culinary muscle.... Picking up this slice and giving the standard NY fold let out an audible crunch that could be heard all the way up in the cheap seats at Citi field. I knew this was going to be an adventure. QUALITY is the only way I can describe this Pizza. The sauce tastes like fucking tomatoes and nothing else. Pizza sauce should be tomatoes, olive oil and salt NOTHING ELSE. The sauce had the perfect amount of tang. It was the best pizza sauce I've had in a Family slice on Long island by far. The cheese had great oil and you can tell it was a skim Mozz. The crust was perfectly crisp if not alittle charred. This is pizza you fucking drive to and tell your friends about. That's a review!