Pizza Review
I tried them all so you wouldn't have to. Grandma - 8.2, very delightful and packs good tomato flavor in a thin package Vodka - 7.9, seems to use the same sauce as their amazing vodka pasta, my favorite of the triangles Margherita - 7.4, above average slice, great cheese on this one Plain - 7.2, great thin-ish slice, likely better than your local slice, but wouldn't go out of my way for it Pan - 4.8, heavy and doughy rather than thick and airy, I wouldn't get this one again Sicilian - 6.8, not sure about all the hype for this one, I've tried it 3 different times to be sure. There's a lot of sauce and dough. This one is fine for a square, but if it's the shape that you like, I'd rather get the grandma. Overall - 7.7, grab a grandma pie and try the amazing vodka pasta