Pizza Review
To be fair this review will be for an OVERALL Pizza Experience since we ended up ordering a variety of slices instead of a full pie fresh out of the oven. The slices we tried were Grandma (square), Margarita, Plain & Bacon Ranch (which I’m not reviewing because I don’t consider Bacon Ranch as pizza but my wife loved it) All of the slices had great flavors and ratio of sauce & cheese. The Grandma slice was cheese on bottom. It seemed to be a different sauce on all three styles and all were very good. The plain slice was more of a typical Jersey Style Football Pie but with a thinner crust and a slight flop. All slices had a nice crunch and crust. In the end this is a great Pizza Place and a good option to bring the family for dinner. There had to be at least 7 or 8 different slices out on display to choose from. One other thing of note is that the Staff was extremely friendly and patient. In summary, real good pie, probably the best pie within a 15-20 minute radius.