Pizza Review
Oh Boy! Bring a ladle for this one folks. Was like drinking soup off soggy dough. I knew it was gonna be a little doughier than other places just based on the style, and even asked for it to be cooked well done, out side portion of the crust was definitely crisp and had descent flavor, everything else was a wash. Cheese and sauce just spills off, just a runny pizza. HUGE southside Jacksonville flop. I like margharita style pizza, but this just wasn’t it. Bonus review since everyone talks about them. The woodfired wings....interesting concept, only 3 choices of flavor, meat was slimy, flavor got weirder the more you ate it. Restaurant is cramped, they have plenty of floor space but choose to put the drink station right in a corner where everyone is trying to get in and out and in the middle of the day when it’s busy it’s a cluster.