Pizza Review
THIS is a good-looking pizza. Let us talk about the staff first. Friendly and accommodating. I think the experience walking into a pizza place is underrated. As an Italian American, I want to feel like a part of the family or, at the very least, you know me from the old neighborhood. They have that down. Loved the walk-in experience. Let us talk about this pizza. Had to order the Margherita Pizza and this did not disappoint. The crust was crunchy and thin with the right amount of char. Sauce was sweet and not overdone. Maybe a little garlic was needed but I am not complaining. You could taste the tomatoes. Cheese was perfect for the pizza. Seemed more handmade so I would be very surprised if it was store bought. If it was store bought, definitely a premium product. Very nicely done pizza. This is exactly what I look for in a Margherita Pizza.