Pizza Review
Pains me to leave this review. Been coming to Varsity Club for years...great drink specials and sandwiches (VC Dip is great) all around great sports bar. It’s pretty consistent as well from Palm Harbor to Trinity and usually a friendly staff. However, I’ve always wondered what the pizza was like and wow do I regret it. I thought it would be like your typical “bar pie” but it was no where close to that, it had to be made with frozen 6 month old dough and plastic cheese. 90 minutes after I ate it I had some serious “stomach bubbles.” Nothing about this is good lol. This needs to be removed from their menu ASAP! Honestly one of the worst pies I’ve eaten in over 10 years (I’m being kind, my lady was not as understanding). I will continue to go to VC for drinks and happy hour but never again get the pizza.