Pizza Review
Frankie were we at? (pizza review time dec 30th 12:40pm)... We’re at Venezia Pizza in Brampton->North Brampton actually-> little known fact about Venezia Pizza -> can’t be found on the MAP-> disclaimer: we only use apps -> we don’t update em’ and we just review pizza -> we don’t make em ! That’s a rap ! Figuratively and Literally-> tech lesson -> music lesson and pizza review -> all wrapped into one -> that’s how we do it Frankie -> ok... one bite everyone knows the rules -> we’re at Venezia Pizza -> did We mention Frankie not only is this place not on the map it’s pretty far north in north Brampton -> its Canada -> it’s December-> it’s cold -> we drove all the way out here and waited a good considerable amount of time for this pizza so we have high hopes Frankie -> but considering how far off the beaten path it is and it’s not even on the map accurately -> it did seem strange -> alright Frankie one bite everyone knows the rules -> here we go -> cheese is melted blotchy on top and the undercarriage has little to no char what so ever - > it did have mild mild flop ... ( some would call it garlic bread pizza Frankie - I wouldn’t - some would - I wouldn’t)...Sauce is tangy not sweet with no kick to it -> looks like a Basic football pizza on the onset but quickly releases its grease-> flop kicks in -> crispy crust keeps it together-> all fresh ingredients and a great salt of the earth lady working in there solo (1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go) ~> this Pizza -> Venezia Pizza ! 5.7 on the pizza (professional score) Venezia Pizza in Brampton ! that’s North Brampton and that’s a review! ***** bonus review - calzone 5.1 ... really dougy-> not that great ... ok that’s a review ... 5.7 -> good pizza -> we are going to eat the whole pie -> it’s that good and made with love !!! (The other reviews for Venezia Pizza must be made by friends of Venezia- as the other reviewers aren’t leaving professionals reviews.... 5.7 -> that’s a professional-review)