Pizza Review
Going into Walt’s my head was all over the place. I asked the security guard for a pizza place and he pointed out this spot. I went into ask him what he would rate it. He said “I would give it a 7.8” so of course I’m thinking this is a strong slice. I then make my way into the one bite app and Walt’s is in the fives. I felt betrayed lied too could I ever trust again. I thought to myself.... “hey pat this is your review don’t worry about what those are freaks said” so that’s what I did I went in open minded. I got two slices of cheese. I go in eyes closed and the sauce had a great flavor and a solid crunch. I then made my way to the crust.... I was a bit disappointed pretty dry and really let me down. So with the mix of the crust with the great sauce 7.2 is a fair score.