Pizza Review
First impression walking in was confused. I thought this was a wood-fired pizza place, but it is set up as a blast oven pizza place. Walk up to the counter, order your pizza the way you want it and they cook it for you in the back oven which you can see. Most pizza wood ovens cook at 800°+ and your pizza is done and in front of you in under 5-7 min. I’ve been sitting at my table now for 14 min and no pizza. Pizza finally came out and it does not look or taste like wood fired pizza. More like your normal blast pizza. No wood fired flavor at all. As for the pizza it self, it’s your basic body type of pizza. The crust was pre-made, is fairly thin and lacks real flavor. The sauce is super tangy, way too much Italian spice in the sauce and sprinkled on top. The pepperoni’s are weirdly sweet and kind of throw off the whole thing. All in all, the pizza could have been cooked a little longer to get some good char on the bottom but it wasn’t the worst pizza in Baton Rouge. I won’t be driving more then 3 miles to get here, but if I’m around, I may stop back in.