Pizza Review
On the Prez scale this is probably a 7.9-8.1. Coal fired, good undercarriage, no flop, cooked on the well done side with some crisp bits of crust. You can actually taste the sauce unlike most places around here. There’s just enough cheese, with great flavor getting an assist from the herbs sprinkled in. Slices are pretty light overall, and $14 for a cheese pie is phenomenal considering the quality. Other good signs include weird hours, difficult to order since they have a limited amount of dough every day, and good people with what seems like a positive work environment. There’s less than a handful of places in mke with this handtossed style. (sazs, ians, brick3, classic slice) and this is the best of them. In a sea of greasy stretched baking sheet trash, and flavorless sauce n cheese gut bombs compensated for by a deluge of onions and sausage there lies this haven. My real score is 8.1, the only 8 in the city. But bumping it up to fight the abysmally low 7.2 average score.