Pizza Review
This place was packed for lunch on a Friday. You can tell it’s a mix of regulars, corporate folks, and regular corporate folks. I dig it. Pizza was ready for pick up in 20 minutes. The box had Roberto’s on it so I can only assume there is some sort of connection to the Elmhurst restaurant. The pizza itself was good, nothing that blew me away. It is a tavern style standard suburb pie. Notably, this had some of the stretchiest cheese I may have ever eaten. It was honestly tough to break the slices apart because they have melted back together. I think an extra minute or two in the oven would’ve solved that, but could’ve ran the risk of a burnt bottom; given the crust was cooked pretty well to begin with. The sauce had a good flavor more savory than sweet, with a slight tang. Pepperoni was standard and salty under the cheese. Overall, this is a pizza that goes with a beer and you can’t ask much more than that.