Pizza Review
Knew I was in for a treat once I tried the marinara, as it popped with flavor. I wasn't wrong, there's goodness inside. There's a flavor to the sauce that I really like, and at no point did I feel like red pepper/parm were needed. Regarding toppings, half my pizza has bacon and pepperoni, the other half just pepperoni. The bacon side is just way better, and gives me the impression that this is the kind of pizza that's best loaded up with your favorite toppings. A fine carrier pie for what tickles your fancy. Its weakest point IMO is the dough. Again there's good flavor, and it was all well-crisped, but just tasted a little dry to me. I think they know this, as they coat the top with a tasty buttery sauce (and as such, the crust is better when eaten upside-down). While the peppers and parmesan weren't necessary, I did feel the need to dip it in that marinara I got to help offset this, and would recommend having some on-hand. But as my score reflects, that's me picking on small details when the overall picture is on-point 👌. Is there such a thing as a perfect pizza? I doubt it, but there are a ton of very good ones. This didn't disappoint.

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