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2 Bros. Still $1 despite inflation. It’s *bad* New York pizza. There are better dollar slices, even at other 2 Bros. They're consistent but not factory-like consistent. Lemme tell you what you’re getting: same day dough with little rise, *thick* crust all around that's screen cooked on the bottom, little flavor in the barely there sauce or mozzarella, and yet it's a junk food value at $1. I feel like $1 slice joints should skimp on the cheese, use *more* sauce, and use less dough to sell at this price point and have a better tasting slice. They must not do that for some reason I'm haven't thought of. Anyway, I'll run down the characteristics of this slice down quick: Tomato sauce is like a loose, lightly salted 8oz can of Del Monte, not much of it is on here. If oregano is in it it's wasn't detectable. So the cheese to sauce ratio and placement was lacking. Cheese you can tell is lower quality, low moisture possible whole fat/part skim blend of preshredded mozzarella. Cheese burns to the cornicione like Domino's/Pizza Hut/Chuck E. Cheese. But the real issue is the crust. It's *thick*, has a pretzel-ey texture, little rise to it, and it's screen cooked so the bottom can't get that good char and crisp. Anyway, NYC runs on $1 slices. It's a value. We all see the lines out the door. But it's not good pizza.

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