Pizza Review
Generically cheap cheese + putridly acidic sauce, baked atop super soft & mushy dough all adds up to horrific drunk pizza. I can’t understand how this isn’t a dollar slice shop. Actually, most dollar slices are better than this slop. The ingredients are pretty atrocious. Despite a nice melted, oozy flow, the cheese has a sour taste and foul odor. The sauce contains vomit-inducing acidity levels that literally stings the throat. The dough is so pathetically soft, it makes you wonder if this pie was even cooked in an oven or baked under a heat lamp instead. I think it would be hard to do worse for pizza in NYC than this joint. If you’re HAMMERED drunk, this might go as high as 5.1; but this pie is barely edible sober. They should rename this place “Worst in 5 Boroughs Pizza.”

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