Pizza Review
Let me tell you something. The pizza places in San Diego stink! Flat out! But this place serves a surprising quality pie that I wasn’t expecting. I honestly haven’t had a zza like this since I was back home in Chicago. I did the cheese which a solid 7.2. It’s got some grease on it, no big deal I’m no stranger to grease. In fact I welcome it. Now I had it by the slice so it was reheated and had that crispy bottom so I can’t vouch for how they make it straight out of the oven. The cheese actually tasted like real cheese not this rubbery trash they put on in most places out here. Most importantly all... the sauce. Oh baby some finally figured it out here. Need a good sauce for a good pizza and this one actually doesn’t taste like goddamn ketchup. Just so you know I’m no fuckin amateur. I’ve been doing this long before Portnoy. I KNOW GOOD FUCKING PIZZA.