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Pizza Review
Hey, it’s Wednesday hump day, which usually means it’s time for another pizza review. I’m here at Alfredo’s Place near the corner of Fennell and Upper Gage. I’ve been looking to find some hidden gems, maybe this will be one of them. It looks the part. Alfredo’s is a little shack with two tables and a big kitchen. It’s literally a mom and pop shop. I can see what looks to be a husband and wife combo working in the kitchen, they are probably in their 60’s. Nobody else here. The wife greets me with a warm smile and a very thick accent. For a moment I think about what it would be like to make pizza all day, every day with your beloved wife. Just growing old together making pizza. What a life! Maybe we should do that Julie Graham. But I digress...onto the pizza. It’s thin style. It tastes pretty good! The dough has a thin chewy layer. The sauce is nice, pretty standard and a little sweet. Good tasting mozzarella with a little char. This pizza tastes eerily similar to Mattina’s both in taste and texture. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a pizza connection there somewhere along the line. The crust is not good though. It’s neither crisp nor chewy. It kind of crumbles like a biscuit. I’m giving it a 6.5. I was ready to give this place a big score but I just can’t. I’m keeping it honest. There’s nothing really bad about this pizza but nothing amazing either. It’s good pizza and I would eat it any day if I lived near here. It’s $10 for a medium pepperoni, pretty standard. What I really admire is the owners’ lifestyle. You get hitched and come to Canada where you make pizza every day for the rest of your life, back to back with your love. That’s what it’s all about. Onto looking for more hidden gems.
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