Pizza Review
Ok Frankie, finally we made it to the best pizza in NEPA, Angelos the One and Only. We got 2 pies, 1 plain & 1 sweet sauce. Just saw Prez was here 21 days ago & he dropped an 8.1. Let's see what the hype is about. One bite everyone knows the rules. Let me say first we called at 3:25pm & had it ready by 4:55pm. Packed for a Monday, thanks Prez. Pie looks good. Very thin, major flop. No grease. Very tangy & sweet. Crust tastes stale and old. The kind of crust you'd feed to the seagulls at AC, like cherry pie crust. One bite. Very good Frankie. Lots of flavor. Cheese is a little odd, not your true mozzarella. Still very good. Definately not in the 9's. But better then in the 7's. The locals will hate me Frankie but it's a solid 8.6. The long wait dropped the score .1 point.