Formerly Angelos of Haddonfield they moved here in 2019. We drove from S.Jersey to S.Philly to pick up an Upside Down pie and 3 Sandwiches (Boom, Cheesesteak, & The Pops). The pizza was good but the crust was a bit fluffy and not as crispy as I would have preferred. This could’ve been the result of the travel time (30min) but I don’t think so. They offer many different types of pies and this is just one. I’ll definitely be coming back and I’m positive their other pies will grade higher based on their reviews and pics. Overall a great experience and I’d highly recommend taking the trip no matter where you’re from. It’s a cash only spot and they are open until they sell out! We ordered at 2:30 Friday afternoon and it was busy. The sandwiches were all great!