Pizza Review
OK!? off of Daves one bite review, my soon to be wife and i had to try. We went on a Wednesday around 6pm. we called in our order which at first all we got was a busy signal eventually we got through. We ordered one plain pie and one margarita pie. Im not sure if it was the anticipation, the wait, the build up but once we got our pizza we did the one bite challenge and at first we tried the plain. The plain cheese pie in my opinion needed more sauce and cheese the crust was tasty but the pie didnt leave much of an after taste. Eh! the margarita pie had more flavor and crisp. The only problem that i had with the margarita was that it was sloppy and the cheese and sauce seem to slide right off the pizza. But it had a good after taste along with good flavor. If you're in philly you should try four sons pizza on frankford ave Cumberland street in Kensington.