Pizza Review
I figured since I'd already traveled 6 hours to review the absolute best New Jersey has to offer that I might as well go just a little further and hit up the best of philly! Angelo's has the reputation of being not only the best pizza but also the best cheesesteak in all of philadelphia! I spoke to a few locals while waiting for my pizza and the majority of them weren't even getting pizzas, they were all getting cheesesteaks ordered with Cooper sharp cheese, which is how everyone in the know seems to order it! Lol I was here on Sunday December 19th, which was my first mistake as Angelo's becomes busy beyond your wildest dreams during eagles games! I knew I was in trouble as soon as I could even see the place, because there was a group of over 50 people waiting in a giant cluster on the sidewalk in front of Angelo's! At this time they weren't even letting you go inside and place orders cuz they were so swamped! After about a half hour a guy finally came out and said they were accepting order so a group of about five of us went in and placed ours. I figured since I'm very well may never be back to Angelo's or even to back to Philadelphia that I might as well go all out! I got a large cheese a large grandma and a cheese steak with Cooper Sharp. Both of the pizzas were absolutely fantastic with a very light crust that was extremely airy and very flavorful as well yet still had a nice crisp to it! The actual crust was also quite a bit thicker than I was expecting yet was very enjoyable and unique. Their pizza is in the high eights to mid nines on anyone's scale! Anyone reading this lower than that doesn't know what they're talking about or is most likely from rival pizza shop! LOL Their cheese steak absolutely blew my mind and was by far the best I've ever had in my entire life! I don't have anywhere near as much expertise in The cheesesteak game as I do with pizza, but I would rate their cheesesteak in the high nines and I can see any food rookie considering it a 10! Lol