Pizza Review
Like many I put Antico on my list after seeing it was Barstools top rated pizza in ATL. Didn’t know what to expect going into the restaurant but left extremely happy. Once you walk you place your order at the counter, and then walk into the dining area/kitchen which is basically a small warehouse. The seating is family style 30ft long park bench tables and the kitchen is open air and right next to the dining area. An employee will bring you your pizza on a ginormous pan and you dig in. The pizza isn’t a thin crispy crust, it is a fluffy, moist, doughy, chewy crust. We ordered the Bianca and Margherita, both were fantastic. My wife favored the margherita and I favored the Bianca. The Bianca is made with buffalo mozzarella which absolutely made the pizza, it’s an extremely noise cheese with strong buttery notes. If I had it to do all over again I would try the “Sophia”. It seemed the Lasagna pizza was the most popular amongst the customers we dined with. There is a small toppings area by the kitchen that has oils, peppers, cheese, etc everything you could want, but you won’t need them as it is great as it comes. I would advise visiting at an odd time if you want to eat in store. We visited at 4pm on a Sunday and by the time we left it was packed. Great pizza, good prices, happy all around.