Good pizza. Aesthetically it was very appealing, but as far as taste goes it was missing a little something that could have put it into the mid 8’s. However, I polished off the entire pie so that should speak for itself.
Pizza Review
This is one of those spots that has speciality pies that are so good, it wouldn’t be fair to judge on just a cheese pizza alone. But let’s start with the plain cheese. It’s super soft & doughy, somewhat thick, with a decent char but absolutely no crisp. Very salty and a little light on the sauce. They appear to use a quite heavy whole milk mozzarella that’s surprisingly greasy. The dough is pretty flavorful but the sauce and cheese don’t pull their weight. It’s still good overall, just not great. Settles in at a 7.4 rating for the plain cheese. Also pictured you’ll notice a gorgeous Margherita pie with prosciutto di parma. Believe it or not, this pie tastes even better than it looks. First of all, this is some of the most delicious prosciutto I’ve ever eaten. This is a must-try topping. The fresh mozzarella is outstanding...smooth, rich & creamy, as perfect as melted mootz gets. Similar to the plain pie, the dough is incredibly soft, lacking crispness, despite a nice char. The sauce is definitely better on the margherita, but still a little light, couldn’t certainly use more. You can taste the sea salt, olive oil & fresh basil in each bite. The pie overall has terrific balance and exquisite flavor. This is the spot if you’re looking for a fancier specialty pizza in North Jersey. This pie gets a fantastic 8.8 score that would make its way to the 9s if you could get it crispier. Combined with the plain pizza, that averages out to an 8.2 overall and well worth the trip if you enjoy top notch specialty pies.