Pizza Review
Ok pizza lovers, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The pizza at Arturo’s is up there with the best in NYC. This place flies so far under the radar that pizza aficionados, including myself, often pass it over. That was before this evening. Nestled equidistant between the giants John’s and Lombardi’s, it’s no wonder many miss it. What you see is a plain pie, and a Bianca (sausage and onions without sauce). What my camera failed to capture is the the sausage, onion, and mushroom pie which was magical. Coal fired pizza at it’s finest. Shame on you Adam Richman and Dave Portnoy. I lost a lot of respect for your culinary judgement after tonight. How could you give this place anything less than a 9. The crust was both crispy and chewy at the same time with the perfectly burnt portions that can only be achieved in a coal oven. The sauce was savory, not sweet. The cheese was a dry fresh mozzarella layered in slices. The ratio was on point. The vibe in this place is something I’ve not experienced any any other pizza joint. Old school Italian restaurant with live jazz that is not loud. Pictures of old movie stars on the walls. It’s obvious that this is where the locals go and not a tourist trap. The plain pie was a 9.2 all day long. Do yourself a favor and go there next time you’re in the city.