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Pizza Review
I can say on some authority that this is the best quality pizza you're gonna find here in northern Westchester going at least 15 miles in any direction of it. Outside of that range, there's a short list of pizza at the same artisanal level—most tried by me, one not yet. You got Arthur Avenue Wood Fire Pizza (Pleasantville), Enoteca Ama (Beacon), Beekman Ale House (Sleepy Hollow/Bar Pie) Mario's Wood Fired (Mt. Kisco), and Locali's (Mt. Kisco). Within 15 miles you got 901 Wood-Fired (Shrub Oak) and Catania’s (Mohegan Lake) that also now does wood fired personal pies. Honorable mention: Gleason's (Peekskill) though they're really a bar that specializes in personal specialty pies. So why are they one of the best around here? Guy is clearly dedicated to his craft and uses quality ingredients. And they make several different types of pizzas. Keep in mind, I'm rating the NY style plain pie. But they make everything from Detroit to Roman Focaccia style pizza, Margherita, Neapolitana wood fired pie, Grandma, Square, nice Brooklyn style DiFara, and Sicilian. But pizza-wise, crust is light and airy always well done. And it's crispy and crunchier than the comparable gas oven pies around. Dough is fermented for at least 48 hours (sometimes more) to get thar airyness and fermented tasted and it all holds up. Cornicione is like a tunnel and you won't throw it away. Pizza man uses either an Alta Cucina tomato sauce or San Marzanos on all of his plain pies, lots of basil, often accompanied by Partanna olive oil, and they’re naturally sweet tomatoes. Mozzarella? He just doesn't use any or just one cheese but industry standard Grande mozzarella on the plain NY style pies. On top of that, he adds parmigiana reggiano, and house made dollops or fresh mozzarella. I'm telling you, you ain't gonna walk in and find all that on a plain pie at the vast majority of gas oven or even many wood fired pizzerias near by, particularly on what's supposed to me their NY style plain pie. It's a step above most places. There's not much I would change on this pie. It's more just things I wonder how it would be like if they did things differently. Like how would this taste with oregano (which is more quintessential NY) instead of basil or with a simmered sauce instead of a naturally sweet one. Anyway, if even you don't think it's as good as I do. I can guarantee this isn't your typical pizzeria and the pizza won’t taste it either. Vibe of the place is a small, often hectic spot with a hard working pizza man. But from the ingredients and picture on the wall of Dom Demarco you can tell the guy cares. This is like a DiFara up North. Go try them now. UPDATE of my 8/2021 review: Ignore my old scoring rules in my older review of Baci’s. The NY plain pie is an 8.4. And the Avenue J is a high 8 or even 9 something.