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Way better then expected. Split this pie with my wife yesterday after doing our own walking tour of various Brooklyn breweries. This was a spectacular pizza. I thought it would be good considering the reviews but never expected this. Think but also delectably fluffy dough. Sauce was robust and full of flavor. Cheese was perfectly distributed througout. And I like that they cooked the mushrooms before topping the pie with those and the pepperoni. Added bonus of a little basil was great. We ate this on a public open area in front of an old church here in brooklyn. Probably the best pizza I’ve ever had, period. Great flop retention given how massive the slices are, but without all the grease and over-full feeling you would normally get of a pizza this large. These guys are one of the few restaurants that incorporates “best” in the name that actually appears to be correct about that statement. A must go if in Brooklyn.

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