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Pizza Review
One bite everyone knows the rules..... When I look through my one bite app and I start seeing joints with middle of the road 8's immediately I get defensive. I feel like the caped crusader ready to bring pizza justice to a city desperately in need of some professional help. Pulling into Bonos I was feeling good. I had my beautiful lady with me and I had just seen the Detective Pikachu movie so I was in a happy mood. Nothing could bring me down from my "Ry Rey" high. Until I took a few bites of this triangle. Going into it aesthetically I was pleased. We had some nice char with a perfect cheese and sauce coverage. Digging in alittle closer and the chinks in the pizza armor start to poke through. This thing is a GREASY mess. This pizza felt like it had fought Captain Planet back in the early 90's. Overall the quality of the pizza isn't bad. The sauce had a decent tang with only alittle bit of extra spice (jarred sauce but a high quality jarred sauce at least). The crust was the all Star of the show. It was a little bit thick but overall the crunch and char really gave it that nice brick oven taste. The Cheese is where this adventure goes off the rails. Not only is it a greasy mess but Once you swallowed after a few seconds you were hit with the saltiest flavor I've ever tasted. I was even able to finish the entire slice. My pores are clogging up just thinking about it. Overall I don't hate this pizza. It's not pizza I'm going to recommend until they change the cheese up. Give me some fresh mozz that doesn't taste like it just lost the world series on a blown call in the ninth and we can talk That's a review.
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