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Every time a pizza place asks “would you like the 2 slice special”, I usually decline. I’m not sure if the first slice is good enough to consume a second. They roped me in with this deal and now I’m left with an extra slice... People of Grand Island, what’s in your water?!?!? You’re giving Rocky’s (right down the street) 7’s and 8’s while giving this “brick oven” pizza 6’s. They aren’t too far off with this place though... The cheese is fresh with good flavor and that’s always important. The sauce is weird, man. I’m getting an odd flavor and can’t quite pinpoint what flavor is coming through. It’s a little sweet and it kills this slice. The dough has a nice crispness to it, a little thicker for a “brick oven” styled pizza with a nice, light and crunchy crust. I should dock points for putting Brick Oven in their name and not actually using brick ovens (I saw the convectional ovens). Better pizza than Rocky’s and with a little improvement, this place could have the best pizza on Grand Island.

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