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Pizza Review
💎HIDDEN GEM ALERT💎 Open since 2012, they’re fairly new to the pizza game, considering the extensive history of pizzerias in the New Haven area. But if you try their pies, you’ll see they’re not far off from becoming a legit contender to be mentioned in the conversation of great middle Connecticut pizza. With an outdoor patio and upper deck terrace, this place has a great atmosphere. They give you the option of cooking your pizza in a wood fired oven or electric oven. I opted for wood fired for a more well done, charred and crispier pie. The slices are big, the dough is medium in thickness with great smokey flavor, firm underneath but soft and chewy in the middle of the pie. The crust has terrific char and crunch with that signature wood fired flavor. The sauce is sensational, plenty of zip, zing, and tang, emphasized by the secret superstar of the pizza: roasted garlic, which makes the sauce dance and dazzle with extra spice and spunk, with a somewhat seafood flavor as well, like the kind of marinara you’d put on fried calamari or muscles. The garlic really bolsters the flavor of the cheese as well, which is tasty & tight but a little overshadowed by the strong sauce and garlic flavors. I had zero expectations coming into this review, but the pizza here far exceeded any hopes I had. It won’t be mentioned with the pizza giants of New Haven but it will be on the brink after word gets around how shockingly good this pie tastes. Definitely worth a try and traveling an hour for; I’m confident it will not disappoint.