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Mon7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Pizza Review
Offering “old world style” coal-burning brick oven pizza, this is 1 of 2 Cassie’s restaurants, with the other located in Englewood, NJ. Their “classic cheese” is more of a Margherita style than the traditional round shredded cheese pizza. The dough is rather unique, terrifically thin, nicely charred with a deliciously smokey flavor, a little bland in some spots, almost pita-like, very similar to a wood-fired pie but much crispier, particularly when it comes to the crust packed with crunch. While the undercarriage is firmish, it’s not quite as crispy as I’d prefer; but it’s sturdy enough to provide minimal flop. This is also an “upside down pie,” with fresh mozzarella melted on top of the dough and the sauce smattered on top of the cheese, not underneath. You won’t find any oily grease on this pie that shredded cheese blends tend to produce. They use fantastically fresh mozzarella which has tremendous taste and texture, definitely giving off Grimaldi’s vibes. Made from imported Italian tomatoes, the sauce looks like a plain ketchup-like blended paste; but it’s actually quite tangy and zesty with just enough sweetness without being too sugary. I think it could use some more visible spice or pepper to make it more appealing; but the flavor is on-point despite its lackluster looks. Some extra virgin olive oil is drizzled atop to provide some additional flavor and lube, while a touch of basil adds some class and a sprinkle of grated Romano cheese draws out even more flavor in an attempt to gussy up this pizza. The thinness, texture and taste all add up to a travel-worthy pie. Very different than standard football pizza, it’s a great change of pace pie and excellent alternative to Grimaldi’s if you don’t feel like venturing into Brooklyn.