Pizza Review
Ok, one more pizza review for today. It was my birthday last week and Susan Hampson asked what I wanted for dinner. I said pizza. SO here we go, Chicago Style Pizza Shack on Upper Sherman. It's a Hamilton institution. People have been going here for eons for large portions or affordable, italian/canadian comfort food. We get the large meat pizza, I believe it was $32. Trust me one slice is all you need, this is a meal. The pie is deep dish and thick. The sauce is not on top, the ingredients are. It is covered in large chunks of sausage. The sauce is nothing special and the cheese is very gooey and abundant. It tastes good! I'm sure it's nowhere near the best pizza places in Chicago but it's a bit of a novelty here in The Hammer. The score - 7.1 I will get it again. It feels like a pizza rite of passage that needs to be revisited every few years. It's not one of the best in town but I love the restaurant and do recommend it if you're looking for no frills comfort food. get the garlic bread!