Pizza Review
🏆HALL OF FAME PIZZA ALERT🏆 🚨BEST OF NEW JERSEY ALERT🚨 🛣️PILGRIMAGE PIE ALERT🛣️ Opened on Halloween of 2022 by award-winning pizzaiolo & true pizza artist Nino Coniglio, this joint is a rising star in the industry & vying to become the preeminent NJ pizzeria. An apprentice of recently deceased & legendary DiFara’s pizzaiolo, Dom DeMarco, Coniglio is also behind the super successful Williamsburg Pizza & Brooklyn Pizza Crew spots in New York. Bringing a taste of Brooklyn to Jersey, I opted for the Brooklyn pie, which has some upside-down Margherita vibes, strong on the sauce, light on the cheese & heavy on the crisp. An aesthetically gorgeous pizza with the taste to match the beauty, it’s the unreal firm & crunchy texture of the dough that exceeds all expectations. With a perfectly charred & gloriously steady undercarriage, each bite is supremely crunchy top to bottom in the absence of flop. Airy & crispy with exceptional crunch, the crust looks doughy but actually leans light. Scintillatingly sweet, bursting with rich & robust flavor, the sauce is packed with punctuating tomato punch. Spread generously atop & below the cheese, the stellar sauce is heavy & heavenly. Terrifically tangy & sensationally saccharine, the sauce sings with zesty, zingy & zippy flavor. Though slightly scant, the fresh mozzarella cheese is moderately browned with a wonderfully flavorful char & modestly creamy consistency. Complimenting the sauce & dough marvelously, the pie could use another handful of mozz for more balance. A few clippings of fresh basil add that signature Brooklyn style, taste & class to this masterpiece of a pie constructed by a master pizza chef. The outstanding synergy of all the ingredients working in perfect harmony makes this an ultimately unbelievable must-try travel-worthy pilgrimage pizza, destined for the Hall of Fame.