Pizza Review
Cheese pie: seemingly nice ingredients; a very pleasant smell, distinct to Di Fara, consequently has to very good flavor as well but unfortunately that’s where the positives end as I simply can’t seem to get a hot pizza from here whether it was just taken out of the oven or sitting for a while; nice crunchiness, but falls apart in your hand, you can’t even fold in half, seems like a new oven would help (I know they got a really old one) heat is clearly not distributed right; basil seemed old, cheese tastes good, but seems off, perhaps because it wasn’t hot; sauce is good Square slice: sauce isn’t overwhelming, but the sourness kind of takes over; crust has a nice flavor, good crunch, doesn’t fall apart like the regular pie which is good; just one small circle of mozzarella, not nearly enough as I didn’t really get a taste of it (7.6/10)