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Southern Connecticut pizza is very different from the Northern New Haven style. Established in 1976, this pizza is a staple of Greenwich and being so close the the New York border, it’s definitely more NY football style. To be completely honest, this pizza made me think I had Covid from lack of smell & taste. It’s rare you walk into a pizzeria and it doesn’t smell incredible with fresh pies wafting through the air. It’s also really hard to make a practically flavorless pizza. This is really shocking cause the pie looks good, has great texture, just no taste whatsoever. I’ve had sauce with no flavor before, and dough that was boringly bland but I can’t ever remember the cheese not having some kind of taste. That’s not to say this pizza has an unpleasant taste; it’s not disgusting or foul. It’s just way too greasy, oil gushing on every bite and less flavorful than an ice cube. This is the perfect example of even when pizza isn’t great, it’s still just decent enough to eat. Some say the Sicilian pie is the featured item here; but I can assure you, their regular plain pizza certainly isn’t.

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