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I gotta tell ya Frankie I got inside info , Streetsville Pizza is not half bad ... it’s what El’ Presidente (@stooleptesidente) would call ‘fancy pizza’ ... where we at here? We are at the corner of Pearl and Queen St in Mississauga L5M1X3 in Streetsville Ontario Canada at Good Fellas Pizza ... -> and ... seeing the reviews posted here on the app Frankie ? They are not professional reviews—- though the average is accurate... scores in the 9’s are ridiculous... and Frankie— it’s not because this place bad .... no way -> this place is just awesome - 1920s gangster vide ... if you call them !? Their answering states they’ll “make you a pizza you can’t refuse” but for now let’s just Forget all that -> incase I get whacked !! I got a good feeling about this review ... but - full disclosure- in all honesty... this is not our first time having this pizza ... this pizza is a quality pizza and that’s why we are reviewing it - fresh crust - good ingredients.... so I have high hopes for this review .... ok we are here - as always— We drove all the way here -> it’s Canada -> it’s December and it’s cold -> we’re in Streetsville Ontario ... one bite everyone knows the rules ... ~> Well ? Let me clarify ‘cold’ Frankie ... the rest of Canada where its ‘actually cold’ looks at Toronto people as citidiots (city idiots) as it really doesn’t get that cold or snow here in the greater Toronto area that much (compared to the rest of Canada) ... so when people from the Toronto area complain about cold weather and snow ! The rest of Canada Laughs at them and ignores the whining and complaining .... and ‘some’ call Torontonians -> ‘citiidiots’-> some would call them that Frankie - I wouldn’t - some would - I wouldn’t)...... that’s a little history lesson in Canadiana grammar / slang lesson about complaining about nothing -> all wrapped into one -> just like if someone where to complain about this pizza? -> no one would believe them -> this Pizza is Nothing to complain about -> this pizza is WAY different than the last pizza we reviewed -> Frankie ? THAT was not good ... what we give it ? 0.7 or something... yes I have high hopes here ... this Pizza has major flop though ... but being more of a Neapolitan-style wood oven STYLE pizza...we won’t deduct an entire point for that (perhaps just a decibel)... it’s a fancy pizza (as el’ Presidente would call it)... even pinched? the tip is still flopping ... ok -> one bite everyone knows the rules -here at Good Fellas in Streetsville > sauce has a great tang to it -> almost makes you want to have a glass of wine ... (it’s that -> my fancy good sir 🎩 pizza )-> good undercarriage-> little blackened wood stove char... great crust... good crisp... not too doughy.... I’m going to give it? (a score from 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go) I was going to go with the 6.9... but 69 is an offensive number (and this is a kids show) - so it lost a decibel point to default and subtract another one for the extreme flop ... so we flirted with 6.7 as the score -> but the ingredients are so fresh and made of such high quality -> we ended back up with a 6.8 (professional score) Good Fellas Neapolitan-style wood oven pizza! ~(Disclaimer: Neapolitan style pizzas generally don’t get scores higher than 6.9... or thats generally the ‘highest’ score a Neapolitan can get with a flop - and seeing how this is considered ‘fancy pizza’ it’s score is capped - sorry)~ ... so a 6.8 out of 10 is basically a 9 out of 10 in Neapolitan pizza reviewing standards !! Ok that’s a review!