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Pizza Review
Ok where we at Frankie? we are at J.P’s Pizzeria its a family operated business in Mississauga , serving authentic Italian pizza. They are known for a slightly higher prices ——> We found that to be absolutely false they are competitive priced place and yeah the fact is that you get what you pay for-> and here at JP’s you don’t need to pay extra to ensure that you have fresh ingredients, homemade sauce and hand kneaded dough... when it’s this -> care that is taken ? it will easily stand apart from the Dominos of the world —> like that pizza we Reviewed last night -> where you pay the price for what is advertised as an Italian pie ? but you end up with something that resembles Dominos pie and unlike that place last night Frankie -> JP’s has a satisfaction guarantee and are known as a Top 5 voted best Italian pizzas in Mississauga-> naturally we had to try it -> we came all the way out here -> it’s Freezing-> it’s January-> it’s Canada -> review time -> Jan 8 -> high noon ——-> Bon Appetito that’s french for bon appétit -> little language lesson they’re Frankie -> all wrapped up in the one—> here we go -> one bite everyone knows the rules ——> Get back to the price for one second there Frankie! This pizza was $10 out the door for a small basic pizza compared to what we paid last night——> it’s a third less and the quality is higher-> the sauce at JP’s was a homemade and it was a little tangy and it had a little sweetness to it -> no real kick but that’s OK—-> there was absolutely no flop in our pizza —-> it’s what the el’Presidente would call a stiffer cheese and the undercarriage could’ve used a little char -> there was no char AND we do like to see a little bit of that on our Italian pies—-> Back to the cheese for one second Frankie! It did give off that top broiled vibe —-> that last nights pizza gave off —> this was more of a bar pie and ‘again’ we were not expecting this when We go to an Italian place -> we kind of expect a Neapolitan or a Sicilian pie —-> (some would call it italian pie Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would - We wouldn’t) ——> ok -> you know how we do it (1 to 10) -> one bite everyone knows the rules -> bite it -> score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go———-> oh yeah Frankie I wanted to mention that I did notice the other scores on the app —-> and there only seem to be ‘one’ score that was accurate and that was the 6.6 ——> and we feel that this was the only other professional score for J.P’s Pizzeria at the moment ——> because a lot of the places we visit we feel like ——> there are some unprofessional reviews and some reviewer‘s who ARE in cahoots with the owners—> we are not that Frankie and we are honest to a fault and when we give a score we give it honestly and we were going to give it a 6.9 ——> but that is a sexual number (and this is a kids platform) so we had to deduct a decimal point for that to keep it decent and we also didn’t find the undercarriage was cooked enough and it was slightly over broiled with that tell tale burnt cheese on top of the crust ‘look’ always gives off cheaper vibe —-> but the price is cheaper than most quality pies ——-> and so we settled at~> 6.6 (professional score) -> very good pie -> we will be back for sure —- unlike last night ——> we ate the entire thing ——-> it’s so good actually we might go get another one later on today —> seriously——> a quality ingredient pizza like this in Mississauga for a really great price—-> we are sold!! We could eat this pizza everyday ... J.P’s Pizzeria ! 6.6 that’s a review!