Pizza Review
Franklyn, I really wanted to like this pizza because Spumoni’s is a heralded institution, but boy did this miss the mark. While the regular round pie is the gold standard, I felt with the history of this place, I would do a disservice to not try their Sicilian, especially considering Dave gave it a high 7. But honestly, this pie didn’t satisfy. Parts of the dough were still a bit raw, which is a huge no-no, so that really pulls it down for me. Secondly, while I was aware that they weren’t going to be decadent with the cheese, i really wish they put more on it. The marinara is the saving grace for this not being lower than a 6, but I don’t know, maybe i caught them on a bad day? I want to believe that Spumoni’s is a great slice but this pie just didn’t do it for me. Nonetheless Franklyn, that’s a fucking review.