Pizza Review
First of all, if you’re going to call your joint Krispy Krust, you’d better have some real crunch packed in the crust; however, this is literally one of the SOFTEST CRUSTS I’ve ever had! Talk about a misnomer! The entire pie is super soft, thick and doughy...very similar to a zeppole, incredibly filling. Normally I’m a big fan of basil leaves on pizza, but you can’t just throw it on any old pie in an attempt to class it up. The sauce must be zesty and spice filled for the basil to bring out the flavor, not generic tomato paste. The cheese needs to be a fresh and creamy blend of mozzarella for the basil to work its magic, not standard pizza cheese. The ingredients aren’t terrible but they’re far from exceptional. Add some more spices to the sauce, use a better blend of cheese and for the love of God, CRISP THIS PIE UP by about 75% and then maybe it would be approaching an 8. But as it stands, it’s somewhere between decent and very good. It might be a smidge high but 7.3 is more than fair.