Pizza Review
Visiting from FL, had to visit the standard for deep dish pizza, Lou Malnati’s. They didn’t disappoint. Reserved a table for 6, it was a little cozy, but you didn’t really feel it. Staff was young and energetic. Got a reminder about 2 hours before our reservation, recommended pre ordering pizzas because they take about 35-45 minutes to cook. The person I called recommended two large pizzas, which in the end was too much. We had some apps, the pizzas would have been enough, but we got sucked into the atmosphere. Got The Malnati Classic and “The Lou.” Classic was meat, The Lou was vegetable. First - 4 of 6 preferred the vegetable pie, that was surprising, but it was great, the meat pie was really good. 8.4 for The Lou, 8.3 for the Classic. A great visit to Chicago, this was a good call, everyone was impressed and happy as we waddled out and took a photo for evidence. El Prez was good when he came here, so were we. Eclipse yesterday, Lou Malnati’s today, that’s a review.