Pizza Review
Wow. Really tasty slice! The sauce was delicious, although it wasn’t as sweet as the traditional New York sauce, it brought something different and special to the table. The cheese was plentiful, but it didn’t feel like too much and to me that’s very surprising. The crust had a little char which is the classic. I’m very picky when it comes to the char amount and this one didn’t disappoint me. There were three things that prevented this slice from making it to a 9. The first is the droop. I’ve cut some slack to a good amount of slices for the droop, but this was too much. The second is the cheese cohesion. As I was taking my slice out of the box, I had some trouble keeping the cheese on the slice. The last was the wait. For a perfect slice from them I would give a 9.3 max which of course isn’t bad, but from time getting there to time eating it was about a 2 hour wait. I would wait that again maybe one or two other times unless the slice was a 9.7 or above. To be fair it did give me time to grab another slice to review and get a chocolate egg-cream. I would get this slice again for sure, but it certainly will not become a regular spot because of the wait.