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Pizza Review
I expected to like the buffalo chicken slice much more than the plain here at Luigi's based on peers' feedback, however, I was pleasantly surprised when that was not the case. In regard to the plain, it was a little thicker than a typical NY style pizza and most similar to "football" style pizza instead. However, it had straight 7.0 quality ingredients and proportions, but one aspect of the slice was exceptionally good. The slice had exemplary structural integrity, and practically zero "flop" (see picture). This was despite its thicker and heavier nature, and, in addition, the crust had a great crunch to it from the tip of the slice to the handle bar. The crust alone, being so good, elevated the score to the 7.5 it received. As for the buffalo, it was pretty good. It was tasty, had the signature buffalo taste and aroma, and had a quantity of cheese that was appropriate. One area that I think it lacked in though was in variety of flavors. It's very simple, and while good, it could certainly be elevated by some more herbs or spices. Other than that, it had the same great crust as the regular, and had a little slack when held in the three finger flop test, which is justifiable due to its sheer weight. Overall, a simple, more tasty, and filling slice on the pizza spectrum. You can also ask for ranch or blue cheese. I got blue cheese, and after having my baseline taste-tests, I put some on and it was good, but didn't change the score or level of tastiness at all. In general, both slices are worth getting and are pretty good, but nothing to go out of your way for. Both get a 7.5, but keep in mind they are on their respective scales (plain and specialty pizza.)
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