Pizza Review
I’m puzzled. Some of the reviews look like garbage, but the pizza i just had was great. I got referred here from a friend who lives in Albany and it did not disappoint. There must have been 12 specialty pizzas in the display case. The margerita sicilian that i had was fucking awesome. Garlicky sauce, fresh mozz and some really good dough. I’d rate it like an 8 flat. The regular slice was one of the best i’ve had in the Capital region other than maybe Pope’s up in Saratoga. Crispy, cheese was slightly greasy but no drip. I wish there was a smear more sauce. I’d rate it like a 7.8. I’m glad that i decided to go here. Service was great too. Some idiot with a pony tail tried to cut in front of me, and the guy behind the counter told him to get back.