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💎HIDDEN GEM ALERT💎 This might be one of New Jersey’s best kept pizza secrets. The main reason this pizza isn’t in the spotlight is due to its location. Off Route 46 in Fairfield, NJ literally hidden in the back of a Comfort Inn...not to mention they call themselves Michael Angelos of NEWARK! Not only is this a top tier pizza in New Jersey, this is the best square pie I’ve ever had in the Garden State. Thin crust, brick oven pizza with outstanding quality ingredients. The star of the pie is the outrageously delicious sauce. Sweet, tangy, bursting with garlic flavor and plenty of it to go around. While somewhat thick, the cheese has a wonderful consistency that melts in your mouth with each bite. A dusting of Parmesan helps neutralize the sweetness of the sauce and sops up any excess oil. The rich, buttery crust has a garlic bread taste to it with tremendous crisp. The only aspect of this pie holding back from breaking into the 9s is the somewhat soggy & spongy middle squares that need a little extra crisping in the oven. Other than that, this is a feast of flavors exploding from one of the most underrated/unknown pizzas in NJ. A primetime pie like this needs a prime location! Well worth making a trip if you’re looking for one of the best square pizzas in the Tri-state area.

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