Pizza Review
Yoooo! This was fun!! Great atmosphere warm vibes, and good people.....let’s get to it!!! We ordered a third of the pies on the menu, cool thing is they let you do 1/2 and 1/2 on one pie which was cool AF. The Pepperoni and cheese Pie: cheese was on point a blend of brick n mozz I presume, Ron is cup up and crisp! the sauce was perfectly balanced I do belive I tasted some herbage, the dough was so light and airy, and the crust oweee that quintessential carmelized cheese crust!! BangBang! There is a decadence that this pie had that most Detroit pies don’t, it was just so light and balanced. 🤯 everything else was dope, I devoured veggie sides and wings and had some great cocktails, take my word and just GO find out for yourself! Form your own opinion