Pizza Review
I've been to the West Loop location and remember enjoying it more than this location. Both have the same concept with a slightly different setup. This location seems a little more low-key. There were a lot of dates going on and older crowd of after work happy hours. The pizza is just okay. I had the same opinion of the West Loop spot. They do have a ton of fun options and toppings to try and the pizzas are relatively cheap, so you can try different things with a large group. We just got your standard pepperoni pizza for our dinner. For a place that prides itself on its pizza and works that into the name of their establishment, they should think again. This is more a craft beer spot; pizza as a second thought. The pizza we received was cooked well on the outside crust, but soooooo soggy and salty. It just tasted mushy in texture. I wish the bottom of the crust was cooked longer, but that would most definitely resulted in the outside being burnt. However, the sauce is fantastic and it did have a decent overall flavor (besides the saltiness from all the pepperoni). I'd like to come back and try the other options, but if your basic pepperoni is just average, I'm not sure how much better it can get. They have an awesome beer selection and some delicious cocktail options. I'll definitely come back, but don't have high expectations regarding their pizza.