Pizza Review
For an iconic spot, steeped in tradition, this is a somewhat traditional pie, but certainly not an iconic pizza. Extremely light on the cheese, which I don’t mind, but this is closer to a red pie than your standard cheese pizza. Fairly thin and super light due to the lack of cheese, the sauce is the star. Deliciously sweet and unique, the sauce carries this entire pie. The only drawback is heavy amounts of oregano mixed in, dulls the sweetness a bit. The dough is not as crispy as I expected; it’s actually pretty soft and not nearly as tasty as the sauce. Decent crust, easily the crispiest part of the pie, but not particularly flavorful. The cheese is tough to rate because there’s so little to go around, but it’s fairly basic. Overall, this is a very solid pie but nothing special by any means. The old school feel and nostalgia makes it a destination spot to visit, but don’t expect the pizza to knock your socks off.