Pizza Review
🏆LEGENDARY PIZZA ALERT🏆 🇮🇹BEST NEAPOLITAN ALERT🇮🇹 🌵BEST OF ARIZONA ALERT🌵 🇺🇸BEST OF USA ALERT🇺🇸 Founded by world renowned pizzaiolo & Bronx-born chef Chris Bianco in the back corner of a grocery store in Phoenix, AZ in 1988, eventually establishing this Heritage Square location in 1997 and since expanding to a few other Phoenix spots along with a pizzeria in Los Angeles, CA. Widely considered to be a top pizza destination in the United States, Pizzeria Bianco has more critical acclaim & genuine hype surrounding it than any other pizzeria outside of New York & New Haven. Aesthetically astounding, they create hand-crafted artisan wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza that’s baked at 800° for roughly 5 minutes, producing some of the crispiest & crunchiest wood oven pies I’ve ever seen & tasted. Perfectly charred, the undercarriage is firm, remarkably crispy with an outrageously crunchy crust and simply sublime smokey flavor with each bite. Slightly soft in some spots, a tad chewy in parts of the crust, the dough is thin & light with tremendous texture for a wood-fired pie, along with deliciously dynamite taste, easily the best Neapolitan dough I’ve ever had. Similarly outstanding, the fresh, creamy, melty mozzarella is mouth-watering, perfectly distributed with a delectable flavor that compliments the sauce & dough marvelously. Made from Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, organically grown in California, the sauce is scintillatingly sweet, but not too saccharine, exploding with zest & zing, along with tons of tang & a plethora of pizzazz. Truly a sensational symphony of spices & flavors that sings & shines brightly above all the other components while working in perfect harmony with every ingredient in the pizza; some fresh basil accents the best attributes of the sauce, adding flavor & a touch of class. With a fantastically fresh look, feel & taste, this is wood-fired artisan Neapolitan pizza at its finest. This pie is worth the travel, worth the wait & worth the price, exceeding all of my expectations. Overall, this is an unparalleled combination of texture & taste among Neapolitan style pizza, truly Hall of Fame worthy. Wood fired pies are very hit or miss, with the majority too soft for my liking; but this pizza is right on target with its shockingly sensational crisp. While all of the specialty pizzas here are amazing, this Margherita pie is a must try for all pizza connoisseurs; make a pilgrimage to Phoenix and experience truly elite Neapolitan pizza created by one of the great pizzaiolos of all-time, Chris Bianco.