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Pizza Review
Alright Frankie we are at Libretto pizzeria -> review time Jan 2nd 2:00pm -> here to review this Neapolitan style pizza -> definitely what el’ presidente would call fancy pizza -> quick back story here -> Chef Rocco Agostino and Max Rimaldi opened the first Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington Avenue in 2008, bringing Neapolitan pizzas to the community. Today we are reviewing the Pearl st. Location. Their goal was to open a local restaurant in their neighbourhood that offered both quality and value. Both born in Toronto, by Italian-Immigrant parents, their cuisine is built upon the fundamental views instilled in them since childhood, of prizing seasonal ingredients, simplicity,  and deliciousness. Over a decade later, after having opened multiple locations and serving millions of pizzas, their pies still remain at the top of their game. Chef Rocco and Max remain rooted in their community, taking part in various community initiatives. For the rest of 2020, proceeds from the weekly pizza feature go to Food Share programs in Toronto. Such a great Canadian success story it’s heart warming but we review honestly Frankie and we don’t let feelings get in the way -> we review pizza -> one bite everyone knows the rules -> and we are tough judges and when it’s a Neapolitan style it’s rare they can get over 6.9 and that’s a sexual number and this is a kids show so sometimes they get a 6.8 just to keep it decent but I knew that this one was going to be different from the first bite I took the sauce was so fresh and sweet-> the undercarriage had the perfect amount of char-> it did have flop ... to be expected from a Neapolitan style pizza. When we first started eating the pizza it was definitely in the 9’s but as We continued to eat it we finally settled on a 9.6 which is incredibly high for Neapolitan style -> we know Frankie -> but every bite was better than the last and the score just kept going up with every bite we took - we usually-> bite it (1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go) but this one was tough ~> 9.6 (high score but professional score) We eat a lot of pizza and we are very critical on our pizzas -> this is among the best pizzas we have ever had 9.6 that’s a review!