Pizza Review
Pizza -No flop but a ton of grease from the pepperoni. A handful of napkins were wasted on the pizza slices. - Cheese to Sauce: pretty even in terms of coverage but you will notice that there isn't much of both. The amount of dough and the amount ( and spiciness ) of the pepperoni used set the tone. The slices do satisfy you. You are getting what you paid for but not more. -Taste: Very good slice, get the spicy pepperoni Sicilian slice x 2. With the nice charcoal on the bottom , too much of the bread (while delicious) but not enough cheese and sauce will satisfy your cheese cravings. Cannot skimp out on the premium ingredients when you are charging $5.20 ( including tax) per slice.  $10.40 total ( two of the spicy pepperoni silician slices) out the door. Worth going to say that you have been there but not worth a repeat trip.