Pizza Review
Pizza review time. This time in Nutley New Jersey at Ralph’s pizzeria. This is an old-school joint. Been around since forever. I was definitely surprisingly impressed. A little different style to how the pizza is made. It starts out in a quasi-deep dish pan to cook for a little bit and then transfers out into the oven traditional style. It’s like a mix of a bar pie and a regular pie so I can see why Dave liked it. Also all the pies come out pretty well done which can be tricky because sometimes if you overdo it you burn the shit out of the cheese. But I was impressed. Great quality cheese. Sauce was pretty good. And the dough was unexpectedly very very good. Almost buttery in texture and thick but still very thin. Definitely a different type of dough that I’ve had in many places. This is definitely a whole pie devour session. I’m going 8.8 a little bit below Dave just because of the sauce and it being a tad bit overcooked. That’s the review