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Frankie this is a first (pizza review time jan 9th 2pm)... we are in Brampton—-> on Main Street—-> it’s January —-> it’s cold—-> it’s Canada -> we came all the way out here -> we are at RICs Pizza —> ordered a pizza and was told that we had to wait 20 to 25 minutes for the pizza? So to be polite we waited the full 25 minutes before re-entering the store. At which point the staff kind of looks shocked-> The look of-> “Damn we forgot to make the pizza” .... but instead of confronting the situation? They had their heads down -> they thought after 25 minutes that they could quickly put a pizza in the oven.... (so they quickly put together the pizza and they slid it in the oven) and then ——-> they all (put there heads back down -> as if we weren’t there Frankie.... and... then ... they .... ).... went back to work diligently!!! We stood there for a few minutes in awkward silence (in the small store) and no one was even looking up -> finally we broke the silence with ——-> HEY GUYS !!! WE ARE HERE TO PICK UP A CLASSIC —> (as one bite followers know it’s the only way to judge a pizza with the classic and) it should be one bite -> as everyone knows the iconic rule!!! (some would call Ric’s Pizza a poorly run business Frankie - I wouldn’t - some would - I wouldn’t) —-> so We’ll need to deduct 9.5 points for that Frankie ——> we didn’t wait —> we paid for our Pizza -> never got the pizza and after 30minutes with no refund insight —> We told Ric —> take that pizza out of the oven because we don’t want it ~> all wrapped into one —-> our review without a doubt is 0.0 but because we don’t want to get called out on doing unprofessional reviews —-> or have scores not being taken seriously on here we are going to give this a 0.5 (professional score) —-> only give really bad reviews during Covid if it really deserved because we don’t want to be the detriment to any business losing business but we never even got to try the Pizza ! We will NEVER (EVER) BE BACK ——> 0.5 —-> RICs Pizza —> absolute worst customer service —- avoid this place at all costs—-> that’s a review!